Happy Birthday Style Unearthed

Happy Birthday Style Unearthed Giveaway

  On Monday, my little blog turned two and that means it’s time for a Style Unearthed giveaway! You may have noticed that it looks a little different around here. I have updated the header and colours for a nice fresh look, and it also has a new tag line – A fresh approach to life. […]

12 Weeks to Calm

12 Weeks to Calm – Week Eleven

Welcome to 12 Weeks to Calm – Week Eleven We’ve covered many ways to help anxiety over the past 11 weeks – diet, exercise, meditation and yoga. One of the most ways to treat anxiety and depression is through sessions with a psychologist who is trained to administer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This week I […]


Weight Watchers Magazine Photo Shoot

As a kid, I became a magazine addict. Every month I would hang out for the latest TV Hits or Smash Hits magazine, and later did the same with Dolly, Girlfriend and Chick. As a young adult it was all about Cosmo and Cleo, then came home decorating, wedding and baby magazines. I love reading […]

Autumn and Winter Teacher Style

Teacher Style Trends Autumn/Winter ’15

* I didn’t think it was going to be released until next week, but I’m in the April edition of Weight Watchers Australia magazine! There are a few photos, an interview and some weight loss tips. I will share some pictures next week, but it’s very exciting to be in there again! Have a great weekend […]

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Long Tall Sally x TTYA

My first pair of ‘tall girl’ pants were from an online store when online shopping was brand new. They were made of polyester and contained so many unnatural fibres that they were practically shiny. In addition, they sported an elastic waistband and slightly flared legs. Buying specialist clothing also equated to buying unfashionable clothing, which […]

Work Desk

Guest Post – Dressing Up a Work Desk

Choose a comfy chair, and let me make you a cup of tea, because we have a guest visiting today! Meredith (or Mim, to her friends) is a 30-something design freak who lives in Sydney and loves working with creative people and brands. Mim is sharing some tips for dressing up a work desk. Please make her feel […]